Keeping your pup cool in the hot weather

dogs swimming at Whipple Hill.jpg

It's a steamy weekend but your pup can still spend some time outside with the family. Here's a couple of ways to keep your pup safe in the heat. 

1) Lots of water.  Hosing pups down or a kiddie pool are always good!   Some pups hate it but it will help to cool them off.  But you already knew that.

2) Freeze dog treats in water in your ice cube trays.  You can even add a little chicken or beef broth to make it more interesting for your pup.  These are only recommended to be eaten outside, they can be a little messy.

dog water bottle.jpg

3) Take water with you on any walk.  They make a variety of water bottles that make it easy to drink out of.

4) It's super easy to make your own doggie frozen treats.  2 cups Yogurt,  1 banana, 1 cup peanut butter, 2 Tbls honey blended together and frozen.  Freeze in disposable plastic cups or ice cube trays.  Doggie Ice Cream in a flash.

5) Make a cool spot for your pup to lie down.  A wet towel will help keep them cool and always pick a spot with plenty of shade.  They may even dig a little to find their own cool spot. 

Hopper finding a cool spot.JPG

If you can't provide relief during your summer adventures, maybe your pup should stay home in the air conditioning and your dog walker can stop by to make sure your pup can get some exercise without overdoing it.  Give us a call if you need some help, that's what we are here for!