Jennifer Burns, Owner and Senior Canine Walkologist.

Blue Sky Dogs' philosophy is to provide the highest quality care for each unique dog. Young and old, frisky or mellow, adventurous or reserved, we treat them as bright, intelligent, and sensitive individuals.  We observe and interact with your dog and match our activities to their needs and skill levels.    Most of all, Blue Sky Dogs provides the opportunity for your dog to be outside and get the exercise and interaction they need.

"When I think back, Blue Sky Dogs grew out of years of dog sitting for select families. People would consistently comment on how well their pets responded to our weekend adventures, so I decided to do something about it. Working for various adventure outfitters,  I've led hikes in Alaska and kayak trips in the Northeast, and Blue Sky Dogs uses many of same principles.  I find the best places to visit, plan for the weather, make sure everyone stays together and safe, have lots of snacks, and most of all have FUN!" - Jen Burns

Brooke, BSD Walkologist since 2014

Hi I'm Brooke and this is my three year old Puggle, Sophie. Having a dog with an "eat everything syndrome" has really taught me how to be aware and take care of dogs with special needs. I always root for the underdog and feel that we should give animals their best shot in life. A dogs loyalty and capacity to love has always amazed me. Working for BSD has only strengthened my love for these amazing animals.

Pet First Aid & CPR certified, working towards a Vet Tech Associates Degree

Katie, BSD Walkologist 

Hi I'm Katie and this is my 12 year old Maltese named Lexie.  Lexie may be older but still a puppy at heart.  I have been a big dog lover for as long as I can remember, and grew up with a Cocker Spaniel named Max. I enjoy spending time outside, and know that dogs love it too, so it is great to be able to regularly give dogs time to exercise and explore at BSD.

One of my favorite dog facts: I saw a documentary once that talked about how dogs tend to gaze towards the right side of the face when they look at people. They don't do this with any other animal, including other dogs. I found it so cool because the right side of a person's face is the side that best expresses emotions, so dogs can sort of read our emotions. It just goes to show the amazing connection between dogs and humans!

Pet First Aid & CPR certified

jill and pup.jpg

Jill, BSD Walkologist

Pet First Aid & CPR certified


Dan, BSD Walkologist

Veterinary Technician


Ali, BSD Walkologist

Pet First Aid & CPR certified


Kathleen, BSD Walkologist

Pet First Aid & CPR certified